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28. A steel wire of cross-sectional area 0'5 mm 2 is held between two fixed supports. If the wire is just taut at 20°C, determine the tension when the temperature falls to 0°C. Coefficient of linear expansion of steel is 1'2 x 10 / ° C and its Young's modulus is 2-0 x 10 " N/m 2 . 29. A steel rod is rigidly clamped at its two ends. A steel block weighing 12N is pulled up an incline plane 20° above the horizontal by a constant force of 7.35 N which makes an angle of 10° above the inclined plane. The block stars from rest and is pulled 2.0m along the . You can view more similar questions or ask a new question.

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paid over the money, and when he had got a block and a half away set off like a startled fawn and made the rest of {he way to his house at the rate of about 2:13J-J. A sad event has cast a gloom over the commu nity In the vicinity of a certain serai-suburban church on the West Side. A young clergyman, recently graduated, had been invited to preside
A crane cable that is capable of withstanding 22,000 N is attached by a hook to a 2,000 kg block that is resting on the ground. The cable initially starts lifting the block at the maximum acceleration that the cable can withstand for 4 sec. It then continues to raise the block at constant velocity for further 2 sec. 28.A horizontal force of 40 Newtons pushes a block along a level table at a constant speed of 2 meters per second. How much work is done on the block in 6 seconds? A)1.0 JB) 0.0 J C) 3.0 J D) 7.0 J 29.A block weighing 15 Newtons is pulled to the top of an incline that is 0.20 meter above the ground, as shown below.

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A 2.00 kg steel block is at rest on a steel table. A horizontal string pulls on the block. The coefficient of static friction of dry steel on steel is μs=.800, the coefficient of kinetic friction of dry steel on steel is μk,dry=.600, and the coefficient of kinetic friction of lubricated steel on steel is μk,lube=.050.. If the string tension is 17.0 N , what is the block's speed after moving ...
Jun 12, 2012 · The needle-warming technique combines acupuncture and moxibustion, and it is commonly practised in China to relieve pain conditions. However, burning of moxa has many disadvantages. This study examined the temperature and safety profiles of such technique. First, skin temperature changes during needle-warming were examined in anesthetized animals to determine the safe distance for needle ... Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

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👍 Correct answer to the question A block weighing (mg) 35 N is resting on a steel table ( us= 0.40). The minimum force to start this block moving is _ N. - A 1.3 m 3 concrete block weighing 1.3 t (in air) was connected to the bottom of the riser and used as a lake floor anchor. A 2 m long length of PWT casing with a flange at its top end was embedded in the concrete block to provide a “stinger” that extended 1 m into the sediment below the base of the block.

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An object weighing 76 N is resting on a rough table of coefficient of static friction µ. s =0.5 and coefficient of kinetic friction µ. k =0.2. The frictional force from the table on the object is: A) Zero B) 38 N C) 15.2 N D) 22.8 N E) 53.2 N . Ans: A, because there is no applied force on the object, the frictional force is zero. Q2:
A block weighing (mg) 35 N is resting on a steel table (us= 0.40). The minimum force to start this block moving is _ N. A ball has a mass of 10kg and is experiencing a gravitational pull of 9.8/s^2, what is its weight. A box weighing 2000.An aluminum block weighing 20 newtons, sliding from left to right in a straight line on a horizontal steel surface, is acted on by a 2.4-newton friction force. The block will be brought to rest by the friction force in a distance of 10 meters. a) On the diagram of the block, draw an arrow to identify the direction of each force acting

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a) 1.4 x 103 N c) 1.4 x 104 N. b) 1.0 x 104 N d) 9.9 x 104 N. 95. A block weighing 10 N is on a ramp inclined at 30( to the horizontal. A 3 N force of friction, Ff, acts on the block as it is pulled up the ramp at constant velocity, with force, F, which is parallel to the ramp, as shown in the diagram below. F. Ff. 30
a block of metal weighing 2 kg is resting on a frictionless plane .it is struck by jet releasing water at the rate of 1kg/s and at a speed of 5m/s the - 88869748 MODULE III 15. Hydrogen free coke containing 85 % (weight) carbon and the rest inert materials is burned in a furnace. It is found that during combustion 5 % of the coke charged is lost unburned. The flue gas analysis shows 14.84 % CO2, 1.65 % CO, 5.16 % O2 and 78.35 % N2. The flue gas leaves the furnace at 500 K and 100 kPa.

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The strength-to-weight ratio (meters) is RS/W sU ( MPa) g( kN/m3) (103) Values of U, , and RS/W are listed in the table. U (MPa) (kN/m3) RS/W (m) 310 26.0 11.9 103 Douglas fir 65 5.1 12.7 103 Nylon 60 9.8 6.1 103 Structural steel ASTM-A572 500 77.0 6.5 103 Titanium alloy 1050 44.0 23.9 103 Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 Titanium has a high strength-to ...
The intent of this part of the experiment is to calculate the coefficients of static and kinetic friction, s and k, between a wooden block and wooden surface. A wooden block weighing (524.7 .1) grams is placed on a smooth wooden surface of the same type. A 400-gram weight is placed on top of the block to make measurements easier.